Jenni can help you tell your story

Jenni ProkopyWith 22 years in the communications business, Jenni Prokopy knows how to translate even the most complex issues into written pieces guaranteed to inform and resonate with your audience. Her work with major corporations, non-profit organizations, associations and small businesses gives her the experience and confidence to partner with you…and make sure your story gets told.

For more than 10 years, Orange Grove Media, LLC—Jenni’s award-winning independent writing and editing firm—has served dozens of clients. As a member (and past president) of the Construction Writers Association, she has helped shape the future of a growing writers’ organization (and learned a lot about leadership and teamwork in the process). She continues to partner today with other independent creatives (like photographers, web developers and graphic designers) to ensure each of her clients gets a complete package, no matter their unique needs. 

Would you like her résumé? Of course you would.


Websites, newsletters (online and print), magazine feature articles, book and magazine editing, advertorial and other magazine supplements, editorial consulting, social media…Jenni has the tools to tackle a wide variety of projects. If you can imagine it, she can make it happen.