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jenniJenni loves speaking at events, whether it’s solo or on a panel—and she’s been featured in TV and video projects. Want to learn more? Check out these resources:

Speaker’s Kit

Looking for the complete package? Browse Jenni’s Speaker’s Kit now or download a pretty, printable PDF for later.

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Available Presentations

Jenni has three presentations ready to be customized for your specific audience, or she can create a unique presentation just for you:

Overcoming Self-Defeating Behaviors When You Live with Chronic Illness
People living with chronic illness are susceptible to self-defeating behaviors. Jenni presents a close examination of four common no-no’s, descriptions of how she tackles these bad habits in her own life, and a variety of practical steps audience members can start using immediately. This presentation is ideal for smaller group events with interaction and conversation.

ChronicBabe 101: The First Four Steps
Newly diagnosed chronic illness patients may struggle with the idea of being a ChronicBabe, and this presentation tackles those frustrations. Jenni offers four clear steps all beginners should take. Her advice is practical, applicable to both women and men, and can be put to use immediately. This presentation also serves as a refresher for anyone who has lived with chronic illness for a long time.

How I Became a ChronicBabe: A Personal Journey
At 25, Jenni was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and a handful of other diseases. She has learned to juggle the daily care of multiple illnesses while maintaining her identity as a strong, independent, creative woman—a business owner, friend, volunteer and community leader. This presentation is a personal look at the ups and downs of life as a ChronicBabe, which can include detailed discussion (and group conversation, depending on audience size) of relationships, career, sexuality, spirituality and much more.

Hire Jenni to Speak at Your Next Event

Inviting Jenni Prokopy to inspire the audience at your next event is as easy as picking up the phone. She has a variety of presentations guaranteed to entertain and inform, all of which she can tailor to meet your specific needs. If you’re looking for something truly unique, just ask! Jenni loves a challenge.

Reach Jenni:
by cell: 773.368.3074
via email:
on Twitter: @chronicbabe

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