ideaXchange Testimonials

“Trying to combine right-brained creative skills and left-brained business skills is difficult at best. Jenni has made it possible to learn from others doing the same balancing act, helping us create good business practices without losing our minds or our creative spirits.”

– Amy Karatz, Home Stager & Personal Organizer

“I’m definitely the newbie to the group, having been to one meeting so far. This is such a passionate group of people talking about their creative crafts and the successes and trials that go along with making money doing what you love. I will certainly be back for more.”

– Andy Swindler, Web Consultant

IdeaXchange Chicago didn’t exist until Jenni came up with it. That’s what she does: she sees the need for a community, and where one doesn’t exist—she creates it. And grooms it. And grows it. And turns it into an indispensable resource. And independent Chicagoland creatives are richer now because of it.”

– Cary Zartman, Art Director

“I monitor daily, and often participate in, the email traffic which ideaXchangers share. The wealth of knowledge, insight and even opportunity I have gained in the time I've been a member is quite impressive.

– Francis Shimandle, Marketing & Design

“IdeaXchange Chicago is a vibrant community of creatives and professionals that shares ideas, resources and best practices—as well as critical just-in-time emotional support and guidance when needed. We all learn from one another in order to support our success and personal and business growth.

– Jacqueline J. Sloane, Master Certified Coach

“Each ideaXchange Chicago meeting leaves me feeling reinvigorated about my business—it’s a wonderful boost of creativity and confidence when you are facing uncertainty in navigating the waters of self-employment. The email group provides an additional opportunity for collaboration and input across a diverse range of talented individuals. If every working environment was this supportive there would be fewer disgruntled employees in the world!

– Lauren Peddinghaus, Property Management Adviser

“I joined ideaXchange Chicago several years ago and have benefited from the exchange of valuable information that has helped me grow my business. I also have an expanded network of talented individuals that I can contact for help and advice.”

– Marcie Harrison, Public Relations

I’ve been attending ideaXchange Chicago meetings for about a year and find them beneficial on so many levels. The discussions, referrals and camaraderie among freelancers are second to none. Jenni Prokopy deserves special credit for her incredible organization skills in coordinating the meetings.

– Paul Berg, Photographer  

“I’ve been a member of ideaXchange Chicago since it launched in February 2004. Five years later, I still come away from each meeting feeling that I’ve learned something new and my time was well spent. We’re a really fun group of smart creative thinkers who like one another and enjoy sharing ideas, strategies and, often, business opportunities. We brainstorm business issues that affect freelancers and sole proprietors. We share what has and hasn’t worked for us as we build our businesses. And we cheer one another’s successes and offer support when one of us has a bad week.”

– Rickey Gold, Message Masseuse

“IdeaXchange’s support, ideas and networking provide a rich and informative resource for my freelance business. Jenni’s dedication to fostering creativity and careers is truly inspiring and I’m extremely fortunate to be a part of ideaXchange Chicago.”

– Sarah Beckley , Information Architect & Independent Writer

“I rely on the email exchange aspect of the group heavily. As a freelance graphic designer, it is extremely helpful to me to read the email questions, answers, conversations and job/project leads that arrive in my inbox each day. It’s like virtual water cooler conversation, only much more targeted and useful.

– Stefanie Gehrig, Graphic Designer