ChronicBabe Testimonials

“It’s nice to know there’s a place I can go where others understand me and the gamut of emotions I am always going through. Men don’t really comprehend women and the various and complex issues we deal with every day; add in a few medical complications and communication becomes doubly complex. It’s nice to have the sisterhood of other like sufferers so that I know I am not alone.

– Ann C

"While most information on chronic pain is dull or dense enough to cause, well, a really bad headache, is fun, sassy, and uplifting. Kudos to Jenni Prokopy for being on the frontlines and empowering us to get our lives back—with a vengeance!"

– Loolwa Khazzoom, Dancing with Pain  

“ChronicBabe serves as a reminder that even though life might be different since becoming Chronic, I am still a Babe who intends to enjoy the different life I have been given.”

– Rachel B

“If you live with a chronic illness like I do, ChronicBabe lets you know you are not alone. ChronicBabe lifts your spirits. ChronicBabe gives you hope. And information, and fun reading material. What more could a sickie want? A great, playful, smart Editrix. Oh, what? ChronicBabe has that too? Wowee-zowee.”

– Rivka Solomon, That Takes Ovaries

"As a chronic illness coach, I love having the ChronicBabe website as a resource for my clients. I even give all my clients the ChronicBabe notebook for journaling. Young and older women feel the community and have fun with it."

– Rosalind Joffe, Keep Working Girlfriend

"I’ve always thought of myself as a person with illness, rather than a person defined by illness. ChronicBabe not only supports me in my self-view, but helps me remember that others are also not solely defined by their health, even if my only experience with them is in the context of health concerns, advocacy and support. The ChronicBabe community opens up possibilities for us, and other communities, to think of each other as people, rather than people just defined by our obstacles."

– Sarah S is a lighthearted, fun place to manage the heavy, serious issues of chronic illness. Jenni has created the atmosphere of a girl’s overnighter, but one can participate for a lifetime! While none of us would have chosen to live with a chronic illness, it’s refreshing to have a place like ChronicBabe, where we can be ourselves, find encouragement, and perhaps most important—just feel normal.

– Lisa Copen, Founder, Rest Ministries